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Student View: Studying Film Abroad

Studying Film Abroad

Film is a course that is applicable to every country and continent. It is a flexible piece of art and culturally significant and different everywhere you go. With Film Studies you look at everywhere that makes film, whether in a different language or not. And it's an even greater emotive response when you’re surrounded by the actual environment and culture of the film you’re studying.

Studying abroad also adds to your CV. It’ll show employers that you’re willing for change, growth and greater challenges. It’ll give you the opportunity to grow your personal skills, helping you to branch out more or find a new way to mould yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go abroad and become a whole new person who’s doing crazy things, but it's good to test your comfort zone and broaden your horizons whilst you, as a person, are still growing and changing. It tests you to see how you can adapt to new environments, especially if you wish to go on to working on film productions where you can end up in a variety of locations with a variety of people.

That being said, if coming to Queen Mary is already part of studying abroad, you’ll be experiencing all of this for your own university life.


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