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Some key texts for your first year study

With studying from home, and the excitement of starting your university life soon, you might wonder what you could prepare at this stage for the upcoming university study. We’ve gathered some resources here, some books to read and films to watch at home, many are free. Hope they could help you pass this difficult time more meaningfully.


Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film (6th Edition) by David Monahan 

Get free access to three chapters

Chapter 1: Looking at Movies

Chapter 2: Principles of Film Form

Chapter 5: Mise-en-Scene


Open Access - Cambridge University Press

Bloomsbury Collections

Amsterdam University Press

Library - Memory of the world


Films – streaming online for free:

International documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Environmental film festival

Take One Action

Film Practice resources:

Free 30 day trial of Final Cut Pro X that students could use on their Macs at home

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