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Meet Lydie and Hazal

Meet Lydie and Hazal

Lydie and Hazal are currently in their final year studying MBBS Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. They are also educational content creators and co-founders of Journey2Med, which aims to make medicine more accessible.

Lydie and Hazal in blue scrubs outside building in the sunshine

Lydie and Hazal on placement

They set up Journey2Med as aspiring medics, who predominantly attended state schools, from low socio-economic backgrounds and soon to be the first doctors in their families. They have a driving passion to help other students from similar backgrounds get into medicine with an easier journey!

We spoke to them to find out more about them and their experiences of studying medicine at Queen Mary.

What degree programme are you studying? 
Medicine MBBS

What year did you start at Queen Mary and when are you due to graduate?
Started – 2019
Graduating - 2024

What school/college did you attend before coming to Queen Mary? 
The Latymer School - Edmonton

Which country are you from?
Hazal – Kurdish from Turkey
Lydie – Democratic Republic of Congo

What is your favourite thing about your degree?
Our favourite thing about the degree is the multifaceted nature of it all! Spanning from clinical placements to meeting patients, to applying theory to practical scenarios – studying medicine has positively challenged us to go out of our comfort zone, expand our intellectual horizons and become well-rounded individuals with many transferrable skills. If we had to pinpoint our favourite thing it’d therefore be the multifaceted nature of the degree.

What do you enjoy most about studying at Queen Mary in London?
Queen Mary provides a lot of opportunity. Due to its well-established and reputable nature, we have found that there is a plethora of opportunities available for students to undertake. From essay competitions, unique electives, and ground-breaking research projects it is truly a privilege to be so well-connected to established professors in their fields.

What do you think of the facilities available on our campuses?
The facilities on the campus are very refreshing, especially for us as students undertaking an intense degree, having multiple locations to study whether alone, with friends or in a group makes the whole process easier. When we want to be in a vibrant setting we can head to the Ground café, if the weather is great, we can sit outdoors on the many benches to study and chat, if we are studying in a group we can head to the Hive and if we need to focus on a task, we can place ourselves in the quiet section of the library.

How do you expect your degree will help you in your future career?
Our degree has optimised the various skills that we need to be a well-rounded Doctor that prioritises patient-centred care.

If you were asked by a prospective student about student life at Queen Mary, what would you recommend to them?
We would recommend that they get stuck into societies! There are so many activities available to students based on their interest so this will allow them to make friends, discover their likes and dislikes and step into their identities more.

Are there any hints or tips about studying and living at Queen Mary in London that you wish you’d known before you started your degree?
We wish we knew that there are so many opportunities available beyond your direct degree so keep an eye out on the student newsletters that frequently recommend gems such as extracurricular projects, additional modules, and even fun student competitions.

Find out more about Lydie and Hazal’s Journey2Med at:





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