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Brilliant Breakthroughs in the School of Mathematical Sciences

When you study Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, you’ll be taught and supported by leading researchers who are passionate about their subject and who are behind pioneering, world-changing work. Read more about some of their recent research below. 

Dr Kostas Papafitsoros

Kostas uses Instagram and mathematical modelling to measure the pressures of tourism on loggerhead sea turtles in Greece. This helps NGOs to study the impact of tourism and better protect these charismatic animals.

Dr Weini Huang

Weini uses stochastic dynamics and complex systems approaches to model cancer progression and biodiversity maintenance. A recent research project used spatial models to test the hypothesis whether there is a stem cell niche in the regrowth of liver tissues by comparing their model with patient data.

Dr Arthur Guillaumin

Arthur uses statistical models to study spatio-temporal processes in our environment, ranging from sea surface levels around the globe to the evolution of landscapes on planet Venus.

Dr Weini Huang, Dr Dudley Stark and Christo Morison

The group studies random processes modelling the way mutations are accumulated in tissues. Their recent work on the mutational burden distribution of individual cells may assist in future cancer diagnosis.


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