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Benefits of a Campus University

Queen Mary is one of only a handful of universities in London that offers an entirely campus-based experience.

When it comes to deciding which university to choose from in cities like London where there is an abundance of world class teaching institutions, being a campus-based university is a standout difference. There are many advantages to a university, such as Queen Mary, being entirely campus-based. These advantages not only add to the experience as a student but make the entire experience a lot smoother.

The advantages of a campus-based university:

Community feel

Universities that are campus based tend to ensure that you have everything available to you on your doorstep so that you never feel the need to have to leave the university campus.

As well as ease of access, campus-based universities offer convenience as all your classes are in the same area, you rarely have an excuse to be late for a lecture.


Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to your student life at university. This is the case more so in big cities such as London.

Being on a campus like Queen Mary’s, which is monitored 24/7 by an onsite security team not only ensures your safety but makes you feel more relaxed within the environment.

With a dedicated security network, members of the public don’t have a reason to be on the campus, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that the campus is entirely populated by students and teachers.

Quieter lifestyle

Peace and quiet are not the two words that you often associate with living in a city like London, but on a campus, you have the added luxury of being able to step aside from the busy city life.

A campus allows students to not have to deal with busy traffic or have their library sessions disrupted because of public roadworks outside.


Living in a big city, with a university that has a campus, allows unlimited choices for socializing, transport links, shopping, and many more.

As well as this, a university campus will be more geared toward a student market meaning that you won’t have to go far to get what you need and will have plenty of options and choices in doing so.


You will find that not much can beat the atmosphere of living in a big city and being made to feel a part of the community through a campus like the one at Queen Mary.

Not only do you have the quiet, student orientated lifestyle, you also have access to London as a whole with all of the transport links and ease of access to the city as a whole.

Atmosphere at a campus-based university allows students to have all the facilities as well as access to the various student led activities and university societies all in one area.

Authored by Kashef Dowlatshahi

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