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Working together as a team is way more important than the coding itself!


Gabija studied BSc Computer Science with Management and graduated in July 2023. Find out more about her experience studying at Queen Mary.

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary?

I really wanted to study in London, as it's a city full of opportunities, and I wanted to do a degree subject that combined computer science and business. Turns out, there are very few Russell Group universities offering this option in London, so the choice was easy! 

What's your favourite thing about your programme?

I love the combination of computer science and management modules on offer at EECS. It creates a better understanding of the subjects and a broader knowledge base. 

What was your favourite module and why?

Definitely the software engineering project! Over the course of a semester, we had to work as a team to created a large project. This module improved my communication and team-building skills, as well as my academic ability. Working together as a team is way more important than the coding itself! These skills apply to the working world too, so it's great to experience that while studying.

Tell us about your extracurricular activities and internships!

I went through a load of societies, from fashion to badminton - the first year is the best time to explore! I'm currently a member of the Business and Enterprise Society, and my the Trading, Investment and Finance Society. I also took a few internships in quantum computing, investment banking, and software development at UCL and Google.

Your student days are the best time to try out new activities and gain some interesting working experience!

What's your favourite place to study on campus?

I'm always in the Mile End library on the second floor, as they have some very comfortable chairs there. It also has great academic energy, as there are so many great books to take a look at while on breaks!

What advice would you give to someone considering Queen Mary to study an EECS subject?

I would encourage you to try as many new activities as you can, you never know how your new hobby can apply to the things you study!

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