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What it's like to study Electronic Engineering at Queen Mary

Callum Smith, BEng Electronic Engineering, has recently graduated from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and has started studying MSc Robotics at Queen Mary.  Callum has shared his experience about what he’s enjoyed most about his course and Queen Mary.

Electronic Engineering Student

What made you choose Electronic Engineering at Queen Mary?

I chose Electronic Engineering as it would give me a good basis on many subjects I’m interested in such as computer science, hardware interfacing and control systems.  The subject has a broad application industry that allows me to have a wide range of options when looking for graduate work.  In addition to this, completing my BEng has allowed me to further my studies in a research environment.  The subject is very hands-on, you get to work with a lot of hardware, and I felt the practical application of the knowledge you learn will be invaluable when I eventually move onto real-world projects.  

What have the highlights of your course and university life been so far?

The highlight of my course was the practical work in the lab.  I was able to work with state-of-the-art equipment and build real systems to test the knowledge I gained throughout my course.  There is a higher proportion of Lab work to lectures which I also prefer.  

What advice would you give to prospective students?

My advice to prospective students would be to stay on top of the workload and never miss a lab.  Try to use the additional services as much as you can including the lesser-known ones such as the maker space and 3d printing facilities.

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