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Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics - A well-rounded approach

When you study Pharmacology and Innovative Therapies at Queen Mary, you’ll graduate with a well-rounded appreciation for the business of pharmacology to complement your scientific knowledge.

Our programme includes practical modules that will stand you in excellent stead for a career in industry. Alongside the science, you’ll look at the practical aspects of managing a pharmaceutical business – including research and development costs, pricing, marketing and licensing.

One of our core second-year modules is The Business of Pharmacology. This module brings together pharmacology knowledge and applies it in the context of commercialisation. You’ll examine and compare small and start-up enterprises – including university spinouts – alongside larger pharmaceutical companies. The module will also introduce you to aspects of finance, intellectual property rights, business law, and marketing for business development.

In your final year, you’ll study Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs. This module will introduce you to the whole spectrum of the clinical trials process, from first-time-in-human-beings studies through to post-marketing studies that examine whether clinical trial promises translate to 'real-life' benefits for patients.

You’ll learn to critically discuss the stringent processes for establishing and appraising the evidence, while exploring the issues of the global marketplace for medicines and the roles and challenges of regulators responsible for approving new drugs for the public.

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