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A pathway into medicine

Our Biomedical Scicnces programmes provide an ideal background for studying Medicine or Dentistry, and many of our graduates go onto further study in these fields. If this is the path you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to set yourself apart during your BSc.

The 19 highest-ranked students from our Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics, Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience programmes are guaranteed an interview for the five-year A100 Medicine MBBS degree at Barts and The London.

Students are selected at the end of the second year on the basis of an aggregate of academic ranking (50%) and UKCAT score (50%). Of these students, the top five will also be considered for the four-year A101 MBBS Graduate Entry Programme.

If you go on to study Medicine with us, you’ll have a world-class learning experience – taught by experts in their field who are passionately engaged with their subject.

The MBBS Medicine programme is designed to equip you with the clinical, communication, observation, teamwork and management skills you’ll need in your medical career. It’s underpinned by our staff’s world-leading research, which means your work is linked to theirs – from the laboratory bench and new drugs to public health interventions.

There is less emphasis on traditional lectures and more on problem-based learning in small groups, where you’ll learn how to approach clinical scenarios independently. We’ve eliminated the traditional divide between preclinical studies and clinical years, which means that you’ll start seeing patients from your very first term.

Later, you’ll undertake placements in hospitals and the community in multiple locations around London and Essex. The range of hospitals and placements means that you’ll experience an incredible diversity of people and health conditions, setting you up well for your career as a qualified doctor.

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