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Meet the Graduate: Choja Anidugbelapo-macarthy

We caught up with Choja Anidugbelapo-macarthy a former BSc Medical Genetics Student to learn about how studying at Queen Mary has helped him progress in his chosen career.


What did you enjoy most about studying at Queen Mary?

One of the great things about Queen Mary is the location - being in London and Tower Hamlets you become immersed in a really diverse community so naturally my favourite thing about Queen Mary was the people. Queen Mary offers a top-notch education and also cultivates an environment where you're surrounded by diverse people and supported by a committed career team that's invested in your growth and success. 

How has studying at Queen Mary helped you progress in your career?

I joined, Queen Mary University in 2019, studying Medical Genetics, which I would best describe as a blend between Genetics and Biomedical Science. I quickly developed a keen interest in Cancer, and joined Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in Radiotherapy Clinical Research shortly after graduating. My time there allowed me to actively contribute to clinical research, adding tangible value to the lives of patients—a profoundly rewarding experience.

Tell us a bit about the Graduate Programme at Pharmanovia

Looking to broaden my horizons, I joined the Graduate programme at Pharmanovia within the commercial function specialising in product introduction. In this role, I play a pivotal part in launching new medicines in diverse territories, ensuring improved patient care. My academic journey at Queen Mary proved instrumental in realising these aspirations. The encounters with accomplished academics, who themselves had diverse careers in both industry and academia, provided great support. Surrounded by such diversity and benefiting from the career guidance offered by the school, I was able to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, I am back at Queen Mary, undertaking a Masters degree in Cancer Genomics and Data Science.




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