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School of History

Undergraduate alumni profiles

Meet a selection of our undergraduate alumni and discover how they have excelled in their respective careers after graduating from the School of History.

Headshot of alumna, Teni Gogo. She is wearing a white vest top and is smiling. Alumni profile - Teni Gogo
24 October 2022

This Black History Month, History Teacher at Ark Pioneer Academy, Teni Gogo, has shared how studying aspects of Black History during her degree at Queen Mary uncovered a passion for History that she has taken with her into her teaching career, and how her work enables her to continue discovering and passing on the wonders that History can offer.

(History BA, 2017)

Mary Ojo SOH Alumna Alumni profile - Mary Ojo
21 June 2022

My time at Queen Mary showed me that I am at my best when serving others, so I plan and hope to engage with organisations delivering innovative solutions, to solve complex issues, for the public good.

(History BA, 2017; MA, 2019)

Headshot of alumna, Tatiana Wheeler Alumni profile - Tatiana Wheeler
22 March 2022

One of my career highlights has been spearheading the development and execution of Ancestry’s 2021 Remembrance campaign, which centered around ensuring that no legacy was left behind. This is because it links to my fondness of the endless discoveries with history and how it can positively impact people’s lives.

(History BA, 2018)


Photo of alumna, Cathy Hayward, holding her debut novel, The Girl in the Maze, with two hands. The book is obscuring the bottom half of her face and she is standing in front of a dark green background which compliments the book cover. Alumni profile - Cathy Hayward
3 March 2022

I’ve always loved writing. Whether it was essays at university, the features when I was a journalist, or copywriting for PR, writing has always been the most enjoyable part of any work.

(English and History BA, 1997)


Headshot of alumna, Keshia East Alumni profile - Keshia East
22 October 2021

I love being half Ghanaian; I really embrace and love my culture. My mum was born and bred in Ghana, so when I was growing up, she made sure to teach me the language, culture and how to make the best Ghanaian dishes. I’m so lucky that she taught me these things. Whenever someone meets me and sees how integrated I am into both of my cultures, it gives me great joy!

(History BA, 2013)


Headshot of alumnus, Jim Hoare Alumni profile - Jim Hoare
24 August 2021

I had wanted to study history almost from when I first went to school. In 1961, I was offered a place at the University of Nottingham and at Queen Mary College (QMC). To be honest, I knew little about either, but QMC seemed the more prestigious – and it was in London. I never regretted my decision. 

(History BA, 1964)

Headshot of alumna, Rebecca Dooley Alumni profile - Rebecca Dooley
29 July 2021

Clearing turned an awful situation on its head and provided me with a way to not be held back by missing my grades. I am so thankful Clearing was available as an option, and that it was such an easy process, given the stressful circumstances!

(History BA, 2013)


Headshot of alumna, Harriet Reed Alumni profile - Harriet Reed
18 May 2021

I have always been passionate about history, museums and the past lives of objects. Working at the V&A has been a privilege, not only in terms of its collection, but to collaborate with colleagues equally as passionate about history and public engagement.

(History BA, 2013)

Headshot of alumnus, Alistair Hatch Alumni profile - Alistair Hatch
4 May 2021

I look back on my time at Queen Mary very fondly. It opened my eyes to everything I wanted from an experience away from home comforts and taught me the values of being respectful, reflective, and understanding of those around me. It really did shape who I have become today.

(History BA, 2002)

Headshot of alumna, Lauren Arch Alumni profile - Lauren Arch
29 March 2021

I saw a presenter workshop for my favourite online radio at the time and applied on a complete whim with zero radio experience. To my surprise, I got selected, and from there everything changed for me and I became dead set on working in radio full time.

(History BA, 2017)


Headshot of alumna, Annie Andoh Alumni profile - Annie Andoh
29 March 2021

The beauty of working in social media is that the industry is always changing, and the way people consume content continues to evolve. My interests very much lie with seeing these changes and being creative with how we connect with people.

(History BA, 2012)


Headshot of alumna, Roxy Baker Alumni profile - Roxy Baker
26 January 2021

In challenging times such as the one we are living through, being able to connect with people is vital. A historical understanding of the Holocaust reminds us of the importance of this, and what types of events could happen and what types of humans we could be if we choose division and radicalism over tolerance, and homogeneity over diversity. 

(History BA, 2016)

Headshot of alumna, Phoebe Cousins Alumni profile - Phoebe Cousins
18 January 2021

Queen Mary has shaped the way I think about the past, the future and my confidence in myself and what I can achieve through dedicating time, passion and knowledge to the things I’m truly interested in.

(History BA & MA, 2016, 2017)

Headshot of alumnus, Gavin Lewis Alumni profile - Gavin Lewis
7 October 2020

I am now privileged – I wasn’t born with it, I earned it – but it doesn’t matter how you get it, if you have it, it’s my belief that it’s your responsibility to use it to lift up others ... For every challenging period where you’re having to work evenings and weekends and giving up family time, out of the blue you might just get an email that says “you made a difference to me” and “thank you” which makes it worthwhile.

(History and Politics BA, 2000)


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