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Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

Nigeria’s Climate Change Response: Analysis of the 2021 Nigeria Climate Change Act

This Policy Brief analyses the 2021 Nigeria Climate Change Act, discussing key features of the Act while providing an overview of the institutional and legislative climate framework. It also includes a brief discussion on the various international initiatives that Nigeria works through in various aspects of the national climate change response.


The Brief is aimed at informing discourse on the most effective manner of implementing a national Climate Change response and was produced jointly by the Queen Mary Global Policy Institute (QMGPI) and the Climate & Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria (CS-DEVNET).

The publication was prepared by Dr Fernando Barrio (QMGPI), Angela Mutsotso (QMGPI) and Atâyi Babs (CS-DEVNET) with special contributions from Dr Sam Ogallah and Stephen Abu.

To read the report follow the link below:

Nigeria's Climate Change Response [PDF 602KB]



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