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A global mapping of vaccination policies and the role of experts

About the project

One of the project’s key aims was to create a database on how different governments across the globe employed expert input and evidence-informed policies to facilitate the vaccine rollout.

The database covers sixteen countries with different economic capabilities, different institutional barriers and different approaches to expert input and evidence-informed policymaking. In addition, the selected cases cover the full performance spectrum with respect to vaccine uptake; outlier cases that present very high and very low vaccine uptake, along with some countries that lie closer to the average are included. The underlying theme of the case-selection strategy is to provide a wide and diverse set of illustrative cases that encourage further single-case studies and comparative analysis. The database gathers data on the institutions and bodies that provided expertise with respect to the approval of vaccines, the regulation governing access to vaccines, incentives for vaccines uptake and/or penalties in cases of vaccines hesitancy, and the communication campaign that was designed to improve vaccine uptake. Material has been drawn from official documents issued by the governments under examination, the discourse of political leaders and experts, other relevant databases, and well-regarded media and academic sources. 

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The database provides an accessible source of data for policymakers, facilitating lesson-drawing and exchange of best practices between governments, levels of governments and experts. Gathering evidence from a wide range of sources the database offers a comprehensive overview of how expert knowledge informed the vaccine rollout in a diverse set of political and institutional settings. At the same time, it complements GPI’s previous project ‘A global mapping of the use of expertise and evidence-informed policies in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic’, as it extends the latter’s focus by presenting the contribution of experts to the vaccine rollout.

How to cite this website: Ladi, S., Panagiotatou, D., and Angelou, A. (2022). A global mapping of vaccination policies and the role of experts: The Database. Website Publisher Name. https://URL. (retrieval date required)


  1. The role of experts and evidence informed policies in the management of the Covid pandemic and vaccine rollout - Evidence from sixteen countries
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