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Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean - Events

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For this academic year (2023-2024), CRoLAC will host several events, such as:

  • PhD Cafe and seminar: Poltical parties and social movements: twists and turns of a relationship, with Federico Rossi
    • When: 13/10/2023, 12pm
    • Where: Department of Geography, Common room, Mile End Campus QMUL
  • Public talk: Democracy as a Trust-Building Learning Process: Organizational Dilemmas in Social Movements, with Federico Rossi
    • When: 18/10/2023, 5pm
    • Where: Graduate Centre GC222, Mile End Campus QMUL
  • Book launch: Mary Ivancheva's new book "The Alternative University: Lessons From Bolivarian Venezuela"
    • When: 26/10/2023
    • Where: Bancroft 3.21
  • Phd/ECR seminar: Meat processing plants workers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and in the USA
    • When: 13/12/2023, 4pm
    • Where: GC105
  • Book launch: Matt Wilde's new book "A Blessing and a Curse: Oil, Politics, and Morality in Bolivarian Venezuela"
    • When: 14/12/2023
    • Where: Bancroft 1.02.6

We are also happy to co-host the Latin American Ethnography Seminar (Autumn term)

  • Speculating with the Terminator, with Pablo Jaramillo (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia and ILCS School of Advanced Study, University of London, UK)
    • When: 02/11/2023, 5pm
    • Where: Online (Ask for the zoom link)
  • Rumo à hiperbitcoinização: O Maximalismo do Bitcoin como Ficção Especulativa (presentation in Portiguese), with Bruno Campos Cardoso (Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
    • When: 16/11/2023, 5pm
    • Where: Online (Ask for the zoom link)
  • Textured dreams: Access to Housing, and the Materiality of Home Ownership among Middle Classes in Buenos Aires (Argentina), with María Florencia Blanco Esmoris (Centro de Investigaciones Sociales (CIS-CONICET/IDES-UNTREF), Argentina)
    • When: 07/12/2023, 5pm
    • Where: Online (Ask for the zoom link)

More information about the Latin American Ethnography Seminar here. This event is co-host with The Institute of LanguagesCultures and Societies (ILCS). 


During the last academic year (2022-2023), CRoLAC hosted several events, such as:

  • "Political Participation and Inequalities in Buenos Aires", with Rocio Annunziata (CONICET - UNSAM) and Sebastian Mauro (CONICET - UBA).
  • "Democratising Argentine culture: Debate and premier of 'This is my home'", with the Argentine Ambassador Javier Figueroa.
  • "Slum upgrading and popular participation. In dialogue with Barrio Saldías, Buenos Aires" with Laura Massida (University of Sheffield), Catalina Ortiz (UCL), Elizabeth Fernandez (Barrio Saldías), and Laureano Bielsa (Commune 2).
  • Book launch: Brazilian Burgeoisie and Foreing Policy, the newest work of Dr. Tatiana Berringer.
  • Book launch: A World Without Hunger: Josué de Castro and the History of Geography, by Archie Davies. With Amber Murrey (Oxford), Luciana Martins (Birkbeck), and Mariana Lamego (UERJ).

More information about further events soon.

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