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Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean - Events

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Please keep an eye on this page for 24/25 event updates. New event information will be added periodically.

Public Events

LATIMOV Encuentro [September 2nd-4th 2024]

CRoLAC is teaming up with Latin American Geographies (LAG) this summer to host “Latin American Dialogues: the Third Encounter of Sociospatial and Socioterritorial Movements” (LATIMOV). LATIMOV is an international and interdisciplinary space for dialogue on and with a range of social movements, grassroots organisations and insurgent practices in and beyond Latin America. It follows two previous Encuentros – in São Paulo (2019) and La Plata (2021) – which brought together academics and activists from across Latin America to debate the shifting form and nature of contemporary social movements. The central objective of the third encounter – which will be hosted by Queen Mary University of London – will be to enhance the dialogues between Latin American and Anglophone (and in particular UK) Latin Americanist community, as well as scholars and activists more broadly.

For more information about the encounter, follow this link

LAC Conjuntures Roundtable

This is our periodic check-in where we ask 4-5 QMUL colleagues to offer a digest of some of the key events and processes affecting countries in the region. If you are interested in attending this roundtable event, please get in touch with us for further details.

Internal events

“Brown Bag” Seminars
This is our work-in-progress series which takes place over lunchtime (hence the brown [lunch] bags!) in the Geography Common Room. We are open to works-in-progress from QMUL colleagues at all career stages - including our PhD colleagues - and we are aiming to hold one session roughly each month from Oct 2024 to May 25.

PhD Café
Each academic year we host a ‘meet and greet’ for new and existing PhD students across the Faculty with a research interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. The aim of these events is to build a sense of community among our early career scholars – especially those who are newly arrived in London – and foster synergies and friendships across schools. The idea is a basic one: we eat, drink and chat.


For this academic year (2023-2024), CRoLAC hosted other several events, such as:

First Term, 2023:

  • PhD Cafe and seminar: Poltical parties and social movements: twists and turns of a relationship, with Federico Rossi
    • When: 13/10/2023, 12pm
    • Where: Department of Geography, Common room, Mile End Campus QMUL
  • Public talk: Democracy as a Trust-Building Learning Process: Organizational Dilemmas in Social Movements, with Federico Rossi
    • When: 18/10/2023, 5pm
    • Where: Graduate Centre GC222, Mile End Campus QMUL
  • Book launch: Mary Ivancheva's new book "The Alternative University: Lessons From Bolivarian Venezuela"
    • When: 26/10/2023
    • Where: Bancroft 3.21
  • Phd/ECR seminar: Meat processing plants workers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and in the USA
    • When: 13/12/2023, 4pm
    • Where: GC105
  • Book launch: Matt Wilde's new book "A Blessing and a Curse: Oil, Politics, and Morality in Bolivarian Venezuela"
    • When: 14/12/2023
    • Where: Bancroft 1.02.6

Second Term, 2024:

  • Book launch: Angus McNelly's new book "Now We Are in Power: The Politics of Passive Revolution in Twenty-First Century Bolivia"
    • When: 24/01/2024
    • Where: TBC
  • "Careers with Latin American Politics", together with The Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK and the Mile End Institute
    • When: 07/02/2024, 5pm
    • Where: Graduate Centre GC201, Mile End Campus QMUL
  • Book launch: Rachel Randall's new book "Paid to Care: Domestic workers in Contemporary Latin American Culture", together with the Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies (ILCS) 
    • When: 20/03/2024
    • Where: Senate House, University of London

During the last academic year (2022-2023), CRoLAC hosted several events, such as:

  • "Political Participation and Inequalities in Buenos Aires", with Rocio Annunziata (CONICET - UNSAM) and Sebastian Mauro (CONICET - UBA).
  • "Democratising Argentine culture: Debate and premier of 'This is my home'", with the Argentine Ambassador Javier Figueroa.
  • "Slum upgrading and popular participation. In dialogue with Barrio Saldías, Buenos Aires" with Laura Massida (University of Sheffield), Catalina Ortiz (UCL), Elizabeth Fernandez (Barrio Saldías), and Laureano Bielsa (Commune 2).
  • Book launch: Brazilian Burgeoisie and Foreing Policy, the newest work of Dr. Tatiana Berringer.
  • Book launch: A World Without Hunger: Josué de Castro and the History of Geography, by Archie Davies. With Amber Murrey (Oxford), Luciana Martins (Birkbeck), and Mariana Lamego (UERJ).


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