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Breakthroughs in AI: AI and Healthcare

When: Thursday, March 7, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Where: Zoom webinar

Welcome to Queen Mary University of London's Breakthroughs in AI: A Webinar Series on Innovation and Exploration!

Join us as we explore the forefront of Artificial Intelligence research, unveiling its transformative power across various projects.

AI and Healthcare with Kameron Young

Join us for an exciting webinar featuring cutting-edge healthcare innovations powered by AI!

Led by current Queen Mary Biomedical Engineering student, this event will explore the forefront of AI research with our expert panelists.


Profile image of Dr Caroline Roney
Dr. Caroline Roney, a Reader in Computational Medicine and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at Queen Mary's School of Engineering and Materials Science, bridges mathematics and biomedical engineering.
With a background including an MMath from Oxford and an MRes from Imperial College London, she earned her PhD in signal processing of cardiac arrhythmia data from Imperial College London. Following this, she contributed to computational modeling at Liryc, University of Bordeaux, and served as an MRC research fellow at King's College London.
Profile image of Dr Mohamed Elbadawi

Dr Mohamed Elbadawi is the module lead for ‘AI and Data Analytics in Physiology and Biomedicine’.

Dr Elbadawi’s research centres on the use of digital technologies to advance healthcare, including machine learning, robotics and 3D printers. He has been named on the ‘Stanford Top 2% Scientist’ for two consecutive years.

"My research interests centres on using digital technologies to precision medicines. Of late, I have been using 3D printing to redefine how medicines are manufactured. Unlike traditional manufacturing technologies, 3D printers allow us to control the dose with a high level of digital precision. In addition, I have been harnessing AI to make the medicinal development process as efficient as possible, minimising the time spent in the lab."


Profile image of Kameron Young

Kameron Young is a passionate Biomedical Engineering student from Bermuda currently studying an undergraduate degree at Queen Mary.

Bilingual in Spanish and English, Kameron is fascinated by languages, Python programming and Web3. She has aspirations of becoming a surgeon and robotics engineer, and is a firm believer in hands-on learning and relentless curiosity.

Future webinars

The Breakthroughs in AI series continues with several mini webinars exploring different AI topics, including:

Through the discussion around those topics, we are hoping to draw a map of various routes that could allow students to succeed in the era of AI. 

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