Contraception & Consent: a 19thC Sex Education

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25 November 2015

Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm
Venue: Barts Pathology Museum, St Barts Hospital, West Smithfield, London, EC1A 7BE

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This talk will showcase the surprising world of Victorian Sex Ed. From a housewife's guide to making your own condoms, to the importance of female sexual pleasure in marriage and the thorny issue of nineteenth century consent, this evening will challenge your perceptions about our 'prudish' Victorian ancestors.

Fern Riddell is a cultural historian specialising in sex, suffrage and music hall in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and author of 'The Victorian Guide To Sex' (2014). She appears regularly on television and radio, writes for BBC History Magazine, the Guardian and Times Higher Education, and is a series consultant on the prime-time Victorian crime drama, Ripper Street.

Her book “The Victorian Guide to Sex” is out now (purchase here) and you can Tweet her @FernRiddell