Debt society - interrogation the psychosocial

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29 October 2014

Time: 5:00pm
Venue: David Sizer Lecture Theatre, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University of London

Discussant: Prof Dany Nobus (Brunel University)

Chair: Lasse Thomassen (QMUL)

The ongoing economic crisis in Europe and beyond is usually discussed in more or less technocratic ways. Instead of illuminating what is at stake in it, such a narrow approach rather obscures understanding and limits the scope of meaningful intervention. A psychosocial approach, on the contrary, may be able to contribute to a more reflexive exploration of both the discursive and affective implications of the crisis; of how subjectivity and collective identification are re-shaped and manipulated in Debt Society.

It can also illuminate the technologies of domination utilized in the management of the crisis: do they signify a deepening of the post-democratic mutation of democratic institutions? Are they indicative of a shift from a hegemonic to a post-hegemonic universe in which power acquires a predominantly biopolitical function?

The current political management of the debt crisis seems to involve a continuous dialectic between subjectivity and the social bond mediated by a cruel superego that slowly creates a new Europe. This new Europe is torn between a despotic, oligarchic trend emanating from the centre and pushing forward an unprecedented austerity avalanche, on the one hand, and peripheral resistances that often flirt with national(ist) withdrawal or extreme right-wing and even neo-Nazi acting-outs.

Focusing on the experience of the European South can undoubtedly help us register the ensuing explosive choreography and assess the prospects for European democracy.


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