From the POST room to the OPERA house

10 February 2009

Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm
Venue: Old Library, Garrod Building, Turner Street, Whitechapel

The Barts and The London Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, led by Professor Sandra Eldridge, was recently awarded full registration by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration. This is an opportunity to find out about the lessons learnt from the wealth of experience the unit has developed during more than 15 years of conducting pragmatic clinical trials; to talk with some of the chief investigators and researchers involved; and to find out about the unit's present activities, and its plans for the future.

There will be a series of very short talks beginning at 4pm, followed by an informal reception. The talks will focus on the lessons learnt in a number of completed and ongoing trials including the POST trial published in 1999 which evaluated an intervention to improve the care of patients post myocardial infarction; and OPERA, a more recent, ongoing trial to assess the effectiveness of a whole home activity intervention to reduce depression amongst residents in nursing homes.

Tea will be available from 3.30pm

A reception will follow the presentations.

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