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Energy and Climate Change Law Institute

The Annual Clifford Chance Lecture

The Annual Lecture, sponsored by Clifford Chance LLP is one of the key dates in the Energy Law calendar for energy law academics, practitioners and policy-makers in the UK and internationally.

Past events

Sixth Annual Lecture - Energy after the war in Ukraine - what next?

The Energy & Climate Change Law Institute, Queen Mary, University of London and Clifford Chance are delighted to invite you to the Annual Lecture on "Energy after the war in Ukraine - What next?".

Date: Thursday 23 February 2023
Venue: Clifford Chance, 10 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5JJ

We heard from our keynote speaker, Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT GCMG Hon FRSE PC.

The lecture examined the future of the energy markets at a time of considerable change and challenge. With his knowledge and experience of the energy sector and experience in NATO and government, there could be no person better qualified than Lord Robertson to talk on this timely subject.

Russell Wells, Head of the Energy & Natural Resources sector and of the Worldwide Projects Group will open the lecture. Afterwards, there was an open question-and-answer session facilitated by Lord Clement-Jones, Chair of the Council of Queen Mary University of London. Final closing remarks were made by Professor James Dallas, Executive Director of the Energy & Climate Change Law Institute.

Fifth Annual Lecture

The Rt Hon Claire O'Neill, is a Conservative politician in the United Kingdom. She was Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and President of COP 26.

'The Climate Change Challenge'

Fourth Annual Lecture

Sir Richard Friend, Cavendish Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge

‘Energy - the Scientific Limits’

The economics of the generation, storage and use of energy have been changing very quickly in the past decade. The price for renewable generation from solar and wind, to take an example, has fallen far faster than even the optimists had predicted. Will these trends continue? Is there a Moore’s Law for energy? How close are we to operating at the limits set by the laws of science? The answers to these questions are technology specific, but in several very large sectors, there are real opportunities to do much better.

Lord Lamont of Lerwick delivering 3rd clifford chance annual lectureThird Clifford Chance Annual Lecture

Lord Lamont of Lerwick, British politician and former Conservative MP for Kingston-upon-Thames. Chancellor of the Exchequer, from 1990-1993.

'Iran and the West: What now after the Nuclear Agreement?'

Sir David King speaking at the 2nd annual clifford chance lectureSecond Clifford Chance Annual Lecture

Sir David King

Emeritus Professor in physical chemistry at the University of Cambridge, Director of the Collegio Carlo Alberto, Chancellor of the University of Liverpool and a senior scientific adviser to UBS. He previously served as the Foreign Secretary's Special Representative for Climate Change and Chairman of the Future Cities Catapult and was the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government from October 2000 to 31 December 2007.

‘Paris Agreement on Climate Change: What’s next?’

The sustainable options to tackle climate change.

Lord Browne of Madingley giving the 1st Clifford Chance Annual LectureThe Inaugural Annual Lecture

Lord Browne of Madingley, former CEO of British Petroleum (BP)

‘Recourses, Rights and Responsibilities: The Role of the Private Sector in Public Development— A view by Lord Browne of Madingley’

In a wide-ranging speech to an audience of 150 lawyers, academics and business people, Lord Browne of Madingley focused on the energy sector and its relationship with society, while touching on his role to help encourage greater transparency in developing countries and tackle climate change.

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