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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Vindya Wijeratne


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 3713
Room Number: Engineering, Eng 206
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:30-12:30


Communications and Networks (Undergraduate)

This compulsory module covers the basic concepts in communications and networks. It introduces the concept of a communications system and then focusses on specific elements. It covers circuit and switched versus packet switched networks, and the ISO/OSI 7 layer model. Also covered are certain critical network protocols, e.g. TCP/IP and CSMA/CD, key Internet concepts, converged networks, and mobile networks.

Introductory Java Programming (BUPT joint programme)



Research Interests:

  • Improving Quality of Experience (QoE) in LTE networks specifically related to bufferbloat issues 
  • Performance evaluation of IP networks specifically related to non-FIFO scheduling and differentiated services
  • Green networking - saving energy in the core and access networks while maintaining QoS
  • Virtual testbeds, e.g. currently working with Juniper Networks on employing their virtual router platform (Junosphere) and supporting SDK in enhancing networking research and teaching at QMUL


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