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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Michaela MacDonald


Lecturer in Management

Room Number: Engineering, Eng 204


Cybersecurity Law (BUPT joint programme)

Digital computer and network technologies, particularly the Internet, promise social and economic benefits through creating new products and services, increasing individual user choice and encouraging information exchange. However, the global information society creates opportunities for personal information to be captured and shared, raising concerns about the protection of privacy and personal data. The security of such information from unauthorized intrusions and other attacks also needs to be managed. The technological environment has also transformed the social and legal implications of criminal or harmful activities. It has enabled new ways of committing crimes and provided new opportunities for 'old' crimes such as fraud. This has created interesting challenges to both substantive and procedural criminal law, concerning both the interpretation of traditional criminal law and potential new crimes where there is a need to develop the law to close legal gaps.

IoT Product Development and Management (BUPT joint programme)

This module proposes to look into various business functions and strategies for successfully developing and managing the IoT products for the market. It will cover: The IoT Technology defined from a Value perspective and Creating and Monetizing Value with IoT; Management theories and models in context with IoT business; Marketing concepts and the Changing Customer Relationship; The Industry and the Changes coming; IoT Competition & Competitive advantages; The Outcome Economy; The IoT Company - department by department; Defining the IoT Product development requirements in terms of the Software-defined product and the Hardware-defined Product; The Network Fabric and the External systems including the Other IoT Products; IoT Cyber security & Risk management and the Future of IoT Products.

Product Development and Marketing (BUPT joint programme)

This is an introductory module in New Product Development with focus on Marketing. During this module, student will have the opportunity to: a) define the concept of innovation within the context of new product development, b) learn how to analyse the customer needs and measure the market potential for a new technology or product, c) translate these needs into technical product features, d) set the right price and select the best distribution channel, e) define a promotion strategy for launching a new product in the market place, f) act as entrepreneur planning the start-up of a new business (entrepreneurship) in areas like telecommunications and ecommerce.


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