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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Sebastian Löbbers


Room Number: Engineering, Eng 104


Ethics, Regulation and Law in Advanced Digital Information Processing and Decis (Postgraduate)

This module takes a practical approach to the coverage of ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. It sees ethical considerations as part of a spectrum of concerns, including ethics, but extending through regulation and legal compliance as formal expressions of what is and is not ethical. It considers examples of the kinds of issues that arise in existing systems, and uses the UK Government's Ethical Framework as an example of how to embed considerations of ethics into business processes.

Sound Recording and Production Techniques (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The module develops the students' skills and understanding of contemporary audio production techniques. It will give the students a good grounding in the theoretical aspects of audio production, from the functionality of audio interfaces to the signal processing within audio effects, as well as providing practical experience in the use of all audio equipment to which the theory applies. The students will learn the implications of audio digitisation, through which they will gain an understanding of the various means by which digital media is disseminated in the modern age.


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