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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Isidoro Ibanez Labiano


Research Assistant

Room Number: Engineering, eng-251


Design and Build Project in Electronic Engineering (Undergraduate)

A group project for second-year electronic engineering students to enable them to learn practical skills in solving engineering problems using electronics. Not open to Associate Students or students from other departments.

Design and Build Project in Robotics Engineering (Robotics II) (Undergraduate)

The second year Design & Build Project is a group-based exercise planned for the whole module that mainly focuses on technical skills related to the design and development of a robotics-oriented project including hardware and software components and also the interfaces between these two sub-systems. The module will also introduce team work and group-based soft skills ranging from project planning and demonstration setting to project management and leadership. Generally, projects are divided into two phases with clear inter-link between the various components and tasks set for the groups.


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