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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Umair Chaudhry


Room Number: Engineering, Eng 153


Computer Architecture and Networks (Postgraduate)

The main focus of this module is software engineering and systems analysis. Students will learn about binary digital logic, essential aspects of computer architecture, the hardware/software interface, and computer networks, particularly the Internet. Content covers: Digital Logic and information representation in binary The Concept of a Stored Program Computer: the von Neumann Architecture and the Fetch/Execute Cycle The Memory Hierarchy and Caching The Concept of a Packet Switched Network: Internet Protocols Routing and Performance Issues with Networks Representative Internet applications such as DNS and the WWW (HTTP)


Research Interests:

Autonomous UAV maneuverability
UAV aided data collection
Wireless sensor networks
Internet of things
Fifth generation networks
Wireless Mesh networks
Vehicular Ad-hoc networks
Software defined networks
Mobile Ad-hoc networks
ALTO implementation and Research
Wireless Ad-hoc networks
Comparative religion and history
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