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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Carey Bunks



Project title: Cover Song Identification 

Industry partner: Apple 

Theme affiliation: Music Informatics  

Abstract: The goal of Cover Song Identification (CSI) is to determine whether two separate and independent recordings of a song are based on the same composition. This open question of current research is of some commercial interest as it can be useful in the protection of copyright and also plays a role in music recommendation systems.  

CSI is challenging because any two versions of a song can exhibit a broad variety of characteristic differences. For example, songs can be performed in different musical keys or at different tempos. A song can also undergo changes in orchestration or arrangement, and even be reinterpreted into different genres. Cover songs can also contain significant segments of improvised melody and harmony. 

This project’s specific focus is the development of algorithms for CSI that are robust to improvisation (as well as to the other variations mentioned). 


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