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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Adan Benito Temprano


Phd Student



Project Title:

High-bandwidth intelligent sensor data processing on embedded hardware


Musical interaction places strong requirements on real-time computing systems, including strict specifications on latency, reliability and I/O bandwidth. Advances in computing power over the past decade have meant that tasks that once required high-end workstations are not computationally feasible on mobile and embedded hardware. However, I/O architectures have not always kept up with advances in core computation speed.
This project aims to develop infrastructure for intelligent signal processing applications, where information is extracted from high-bandwidth sensor data. The challenge will be, given a fixed total I/O bandwidth on an embedded device, how to maximise the salience of information sampled from multiple simultaneous sources, and how to synchronise data from external sources that might be clocked independently. The project aims to produce general architectural principles specifically suited to real-time interactive systems on embedded hardware alongside specific demonstrators that can be used to evaluate performance from both technical and human-centred perspectives.

C4DM theme affiliation:

Augmented Instruments


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