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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Policies and Support

In addition to the Queen Mary University of London-wide policies in support of equality, flexible working, a generous parental leave package and access to an on-site nursery with discounted rates, the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science has implemented a number of school specific policies to enhance the working environment and support excellence from all members of the school.

The School supports Flexible Working for all staff and facilitates this by requiring meetings to be held within core hours (10am-4pm). Professional Staff are able to adjust their daily hours by arrangement with their line managers and academic staff organise their own time as appropriate around teaching or administrative commitments.

We take a strong interest in the professional development of all staff members. Staff are encouraged to continue their professional development throughout their career and School will provide funding for all reasonable requests for training courses etc. New academics are also required to pass the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), and are supported by a lighter teaching load and dedicated probation mentor as they work towards this award offered by the Academic Development team.

The School operates a Workload Allocation Model, which is regularly reviewed to ensure all staff are fairly credited for their teaching and administrative efforts.

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