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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

EDI committee members

Co-Chair: Mustafa Bozkurt (Academic)

I’m a lecturer in Software Engineering and Year 2 mentor for the School. Our role primarily as the co-leads of EDI committee is promoting equality and diversity in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and working towards making the School a better workplace for everyone regardless of their gender, belief, or race. The main reason I took this role is that (both Michaela and) I believe we can make a difference in transforming the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science into a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


Michaela MacDonald Co-Chair: Michaela MacDonald (Academic)

I have a strong research and teaching background in Information Technology law, with a specific focus on the legal and regulatory effects of new transformative technologies. I am already a member of the self-assessment team, which aims to identify and address all forms of gender inequality within the Department of Law (School of Law & CCLS). I joined the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to contribute to the drafting and implementing of policies that promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Laurissa Tokarchuk (Academic)

I am a senior lecturer in computer science. I first became interested in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) issues as an undergraduate student when I spent some time exploring the portrayal of men and women in video games. At the time, I was disappointed in my findings and the strong reactions these issues provoked. Unfortunately, little has changed since my undergraduate days and equal opportunity is not a “done deal”. I joined the EDI team to continue challenging and pushing both the opinions and structures around us to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

Nikos Tzevelekos (Academic)

I am a senior lecturer and programme coordinator for computer science. Male dominance in our field is so extensive that it made me wonder what is going on exactly and can I do something about it. What has been going on is a recurring discrimination against female talent. I would like to see this trend reversed and us making big steps as a School in eliminating inequalities.


PaulPaul Curzon (Academic)

I am a Professor of Computer Science. As well as teaching and research, I spend a lot of time doing public engagement aiming to inspire people of all backgrounds about computer science. It's bizarre that as a society we seem to convince girls in the UK that computing is not for them, not least because some of the best computer scientists I've taught were women. We also have to make sure we proactively support all our staff, and especially give women a level-playing field to help overcome all the extra obstacles in their way. It is good for everyone if we do it well.


Pat Healey (Academic)

I am Professor of Human Interaction and Head of the Cognitive Science Research Group in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and currently hold a Turing Fellowship. I joined the committee because of my interest in enhancing Equality Diversity Inclusion in computer science and engineering which has fallen significantly behind other disciplines.

Dr Paulo OlivaData team co-lead: Paulo Oliva (Academic)

I am a Reader in Mathematical Logic, currently the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Director of Outreach. My involvement in outreach activities involves visiting school and talking to children and teenagers about exciting topics in Computer Science. I am keen to get more girls interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, and also keen to recruit more female academics to engage in outreach activities.

Charalampos Saitis (Academic)

I am a Lecturer in Digital Music Processing. I have longed valued equality, diversity, and inclusion very highly, and recognise the barriers faced by women and other underrepresented groups in engaging in science. This is particularly the case in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and other STEM fields, including music and acoustic technology, where established male-gendered norms and field-specific barriers still impede a proportionate representation of women researchers. As lecturer in an increasingly diverse society, I intend to maintain an energetic leadership role in achieving equality and furthering diversity and inclusion at Queen Mary and the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science through engaging with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee and existing related programmes, as well as establishing new initiatives. 

Min SongMin Song (Joint Programme Assessment and Record Officer)

I started my career in the Venture Capital industry, and worked as an advisor at the Citizens Advice Bureau before I joined the Higher and Further education sector. My professional interests include transnational education, leadership, equality and diversity, and the psychological contract.

Growing up on a college campus and recognizing the challenges facing education, I believe in inclusivity and intersectionality to empower people of all abilities and circumstance to end interlocking oppression and achieve their potential.

Web team lead: Richard Clegg (Academic)

I am a senior lecturer in the Networks Group at Queen Mary University of London. As academics I think it's important we set an example by working actively towards equality diversity and inclusion goals. I try to do this in my research and teaching as well as my work on EDI committee.

Steve Uhlig (Head of School)

I am a Professor of Networks and the Head of School at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. 


Policies team co-lead: Edmund Robinson (Academic)

I am Professor of Computer Science and Deputy Head of School. My other current responsibilities include serving on the Executive Committee of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing, leading our Theoretical Computer Science research group and Academic Lead for Queen Mary on the Institute of Coding.

Policies team co-lead: Julie Macdonald (School Services Manager)

I am the HR contact for the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and was formerly the administrator for the Equality Committee before it became part of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion committee.  I continuously strive to support and encourage a fair, consistent and inclusive environment for staff in the School of Electronic Engineering Computer Science and am particularly passionate about addressing imbalances, not only in relation to gender, but also with regard to employment types and career categories.


Web team member: Elona Shatri (Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary)

I am a PhD student and Teaching Fellow at QM. I joined the team in September 2022, and since then, I have been excited to work in the EECS EDI blog/women in EECS spotlight/book suggestions and various interviews with students and staff on EDI. 

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