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Turing Data Study Group – DSG PIs

The Alan Turing Institute is offering an exciting opportunity for early career researchers and post-docs.


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The Data Study Group (DSG) PI is an opportunity to work with an industrial, government or 3rd sector organisation. You will scope and shape a challenge for the Turing’s DSG with potential for continued and expanded follow up work after the event. The Turing will administrate contracts, IT and researchers, and fully support the DSG PI, while their sole focus will be on the scientific questions to be investigated. Please see the website for further information or visit


This is an exceptional opportunity to

  • Build industry connections whilst working alongside challenge owners
  • Generate projects from loosely defined questions
  • Work at the cross section of industry and academia
  • Be involved in multidisciplinary teams
  • Get involved with the Turing institute


To apply candidates should send their CV and brief cover letter explaining suitability to by Thursday 6th February.


The challenges are:



Challenge: Mitigating bias in models developed using machine learning with existing reproducible analysis pipelines in various areas such as image detection and relevance analysis

Useful Skills: fairness metrics, bias, model comparison and validation, ML piplines



Challenge: Predicting solar energy generation using metrological quantities and satellite images

Useful Skills: time series, spatio-temporal pattern prediction, functional data analysis, satellite images


Shield Digital

Challenge: Detecting illegal online pharmacies and vendors of counterfeit prescription medication

Useful Skills: neural networks, text and network embeddings, representation learning (on networks and texts), graph algorithms


We would like to feature these challenges in our April 20 - 24 event. All queries and applications to



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