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Turing Call for a literature review-ARC project at the Turing-low-shot learning for structured data

The Alan Turing Institute is seeking to commission a literature review to inform future research directions in the area of low-shot learning for structured data. The review should be up to 5,000 words in length and should summarise relevant academic literature, identify knowledge gaps and highlight opportunities for future work. It should be written for an interested non-specialist audience and focus on the current state of the art for combining or augmenting low-shot learning with structured knowledge such as ontologies. It is important to understand the amount of data required to train these models and how well they perform on different distributions form their training data. 

Please can you see further details here [DOC 224KB].

To apply, please email the completed form to Alena Frankel (

The deadline for applications is 08 April 2020 (4PM BST). Selection will be based on technical suitability. Payment will be negotiated based on experience and suitability. Reviews would be expected to commence as soon as practically possible and be complete by 31st December 2020.  We are happy to answer any  further questions, they can be addressed to Alena at the above email address.   




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