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Doctoral College

The Brilliant Club – Professional Development Sessions 2023-24

The Brilliant Club can deliver professional development sessions for doctoral and post- doctoral researchers and / or staff at universities (including student ambassadors).


Examples of available sessions are outlined in the table below.


Session Title

Session Objectives

Widening Participation

Classroom to Campus

·   To introduce the general terminology and structures of the UK education system

·   To outline barriers to access at UK universities

·   To gain a deeper understanding of

undergraduates’ experiences of education

to better support their learning at university

Public Engagement / Pedagogy

Communicating Complex Concepts to a Non-Expert Audience

·   To translate your research into simple, accessible concepts

·   To use concept-mapping strategies to break down complex research

·   To apply these principles to forms of public engagement

Public Engagement / Pedagogy

Planning Engaging and Interactive Sessions

·   To plan accessible and interactive activities

·   To prepare clear instructions for learners

·   To develop questioning skills to encourage participation and check understanding

Public Engagement / Pedagogy

Engaging and Effective Online Delivery

·   To share best practice for effective online teaching

·   To develop strategies for synchronous and asynchronous teaching

·   To explore the use of tech for interactive online teaching


Public Engagement / Pedagogy

Turning Your Research into a Taster Lecture

·   To share best practice for engaging to a non-expert audience

·   To practise condensing your research into an accessible format


Careers and Employability

Succeeding at Assessment Centres

·   To consider what an assessor is looking for throughout the assessment centre process

·   To share best practice and common pitfalls in presentations and interviews

·   To share best practice for Brilliant Club assessment centres

Cost per session for Researcher Development Partners:

  • In-person: £440
  • Virtual: £315



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