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Doctoral College

The Alan Turing Institute - Science Comedy Showcase Event

Hosted by comedian Susan Morrison, and now in its tenth year, The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is ninety minutes of rapid-fire research from some of the finest minds in the country. In this special series, Turing Fellows will take to the stage in various locations around the country to challenge ideas around AI, data science and technology. Join us on 26 April 2023. 


The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas wishes to drag academics out of their ivory towers to debate today's burning issues and cutting edge research at comedy clubs to live audiences, providing training and mentorship along the way. The organisers are running a Zoom introductory session for anyone who wants to find out more. You can register for that, and learn more about CoDI and the training programme here.  This is such a fun event to be part of, so come along to the session and see what it's all about.



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