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Doctoral College

Students' Union postgraduate experience survey follow-up

Thank you so much for contributing to the survey - we really appreciate you telling us about your Postgraduate experience 

The survey findings will directly impact the development of our new five year strategy and help us improve our relationship with Postgraduate students, ensuring we better represent and support you.

We're looking to interview Postgraduate students to help enrich our qualitative data 


To help strengthen our findings we will be running group and individual interviews, allowing us to build on key themes and uncover any areas of Postgraduate life you feel may have been missed in the initial survey.

We're particularly interested in exploring issues specific to Postgraduates including, but not limited to:
Workload and work-life balance
Isolation and a disconnection from other postgrads
Supervisor issues
Balancing work with caring responsibilities
How Queen Mary Students' Union could do more to connect with and better represent postgrads
If these issues resonate with you or you've got more to say in general about life at Queen Mary then this is your chance to sit down and chat things through with us in more detail.

As a thank you for taking time out of your day, you'll also receive a gift bag including a QMUL hoodie, a Ground Cafe voucher, a sweet treat and a powerbank.

Get involved in a group or individual interview



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