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PhD Student Forum at the Institute of Applied Data Science

We are initiating a PhD Student Forum at the Institute of Applied Data Science. Our goal is to organize events and talks (currently virtual due to COVID), delivered mostly by PhD students for PhD students.


We invite all PhD students at QMUL with some interest in Data Science, AI, or Machine Learning to attend the online forums, as well as share information about their own research. We emphasise that this is intended as a chance to meet each other, socialise and share updates (e.g. news). PhD students from all schools of QMUL are welcome. 

To find out more, please keep in touch by joining the IADS PhD Forum on Slack! Or join our mailing list to see updates about events.

We have planned an initial kick-off IADS PhD Forum to introduce ourselves and discuss about the format of the talks. This will take place at 11AM on 2nd February on this Zoom link. You can add it to your calendar from here.
If you want to get in touch directly, or are interested in giving a talk, please contact one of the organising committee members:

Saeid Ghafouri: 
Lucille Calmon: 
Hanlin Sun: 
Mariana Raniere Neves: 

For those who are not familiar with IADS, it is an interdisciplinary organization at QMUL for promoting data science alongside researchers in all faculties. It also has partnerships with several external organisations including AIG, BBC, Microsoft, and the Alan Turing Institute, which is the UK’s national centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. You can find out more about it on its website.



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