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Paid Impact Training Testing

The Queen Mary Impact team are about to roll out their new online training programme on QMPlus, Maximising Research Impact, and are looking for three individuals to help test their exciting new programme.


The course is made up of three modules, and the Impact team would like you to go through all three, taking note of how long it takes to complete each unit within each module, as well as the modules themselves. That will be your core task, but we would also like you to focus on and note what assets are more/less useful, informing whether we need to cut or signpost sections as a priority.

Your input will be invaluable in ensuring we advertise appropriately to PGRs and academics before they start our course, whilst also allowing us to fine tune our content before launch. Due to the nature of the task, the length of the job is unclear, but we would imagine it will be achievable within a day’s work (~7hrs). As well as being paid £100 for the day’s work, this will also give you an exciting opportunity to learn more about research impact, and more importantly, apply it to your own research through the personalised aspects of the course.

The application deadline for this role is 10am Monday, 30th October, and we would need you to have the day’s work done within a week, finalising it by the following 10am Monday, 6th November. We hope this opportunity interests you and we look forward to hearing from you soon - please fill out the application form to apply!




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