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New statistics provision for researchers

Researcher Development team within the Queen Mary Academy has developed a new online module for researchers as an introduction to statistics. 

In addition, Researcher Development team will pilot a new short course on statistics using SPSS.

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What the stats?! Discovering statistics using SPSS (Zoom)
The Researcher Development team within the Queen Mary Academy will pilot a new statistics mini-course, RD-QMA-037 - What the stats?! Discovering statistics using SPSS. The course will mainly appeal to researchers in the Social Sciences, but it is open to anyone who wants to get their hands on SPSS and test their (basic) statistical knowledge. 
The course consists of the following 6 sessions which will run at the same time between 20-27 May 2022, 15:00-17:00 (excluding the weekend):

  • From questionnaires to variables
  • Foundational Statistics
  • Comparing two means
  • Comparing more means
  • Simple Linear prediction analysis
  • Multiple Linear prediction analysis

You are encouraged to attend all sessions, but you can choose to skip some that might not be as useful to you.

Register online.

New self-paced Statistics and R module on QMplus
The Researcher Development team have put together a new online module for researchers. Introduction to Statistics for Researchers is a self-paced online module and has over 20-hours of learning content across five topics that mirrors the lessons and exercises in our Introduction to Statistics course (RD-QMA-021). It is intended for researchers who want to learn some fundamental concepts in statistical analysis and how to use the statistical software R.
Hosted on QMplus, you will be guided by instructive text and bespoke videos that you can follow along with practice exercises. There are a number of activities and puzzles to help you test your comprehension as you go. We have also put together a bunch of curated resources and further guidance from texts available in our library, YouTube videos, or LinkedIn Learning content.
To access it, visit;
first log on QMplus with your Queen Mary credentials and follow the prompts for self-enrolment when you click the link above.



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