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Let's Write - Online Writing Retreats will continue in August and September

Researcher Development’s popular* Let’s Write Online Writing Retreats will continue throughout August and September and will form part of our programme in the coming academic year.

*Over 72% of those who have attended them since we began running them in April have said they would recommend them to a colleague (that rises to 86% since we modified the format in June). Many participants have commented that they are “useful in helping them focus on [their] writing”, and that the encouragement they receive from their peers makes their writing process more enjoyable!


General format: They run from 10am-4pm over Zoom, and in them we provide a semi-structured programme (using a modified Pomodoro Technique) that includes goal-setting, 4-hours of solo writing time together with the opportunity to share your progress and gain encouragement from others attending the retreat.

The next retreats will run on:

  • 13 August 2020
  • 27 August2020
  • 14 September 2020
  • 30 September 2020

Retreats are open to all researchers, research support staff, and teaching staff. To register to attend the August and September retreats, visit the CPD Bookings page ( and search for course code CoR006.

From October onward, we will be running three retreats per month; one full day retreat (10am-4pm; 4-hours of dedicated writing time) and two half-day retreats (morning or afternoon, 2-hours of dedicated writing time). More information on those will follow in due course.



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