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Filmmaking as a Field of Research Practice – Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop

A free three-day workshop from 13th to 15th of March, that will teach filmmaking to enable you to make a short research film about your research.


Do you want to make a short film as part of your academic research? This three-day workshop offers practical training in filmmaking and film practice in an academic research-based context.

When is it?
The main workshop is over three days  -  Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March. You need to be available for all three days. There will also be an optional follow up session for works in progress later in the year.

Where is it

Queen Mary Mile End Campus

Who should apply?
If you would like to use filmmaking as part of your research methodology. 

And/or if you would like to make a film about your PhD  to increase its impact, engagement or dissemination. 

What will I need?

A smartphone with storage space for largish video files, wifi and a laptop

What will it cover?

You will be making a short film (5 mins or less) over three days. You should bring existing or planned research projects to the workshop so that you will be working directly on your research. 

All training will be delivered via your own smartphones with optional accessories that we will provide. 

Day 1: Going over equipment, basic theory and production overview. You will create a storyboard and shooting board based on your research.

Day 2: Students go ‘on location’ to film returning with footage to be reviewed as a group. 

Day 3: Working on your footage we will cover editing, adding titles and credits and outputting on social media. 

Extra support (1-2-1 or group sessions) will be offered after the workshop remotely to aid completion. The final films will be screened at a later event Queen Mary cinema, allowing students the opportunity to show their work.

This workshop is funded by the LAHP.

Deadline for applications is Wednesday, 5th March.

If you have any questions then please get in touch!

Apply via this google form which also has more details about the workshop.




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