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CELLO Workshop collaboration with DERI  - proposed dates 20th and 21st April 2023

What is CELLO? The CELLular metabolism Over a life-course in socioeconomically disadvantaged populations network wishes to address the biological cause for healthy ageing inequality.

Funding opportunities are available if you would like to take part in a CELLO workshop.  The aim of the workshop is to help the network realise the potential for data in driving our interdisciplinary work and research focus (cellular metabolism over a life course in socioeconomically disadvantaged populations).  Are you an early career researcher, or PhD students who would like to get involved? And perhaps present ? Your talk doesn’t have to be ageing related, it might be nice to address what we can learn from other disciplines within the data realm. 

Please contact Katie Littlewood for more information.


CELLO also have funding available for some small-scale projects on the topic of CELLO and surrounding areas (could be social inequality, data interoperability, econometrics etc). This is open and encouraged for researchers at all levels. The key differentiative between the CELLO network and all the other networks is their commitment to use the untapped power of data across disciplines to drive novel understanding in ageing research. Ideally, they want to use multimodal data and/or longitudinal data to do so , as this is lacking in their research space. They are keen to collaborate with DERI so please do check out their website Home - CELLO (, you can also find an overview of their networks at Homepage - UKANet

CELLO have an application form for funding to support the developments of their themes, £1000 and £5000 that can be used for training, access to specialised equipment, travel between labs as well as consumables to support a CELLO related project. 
Please do contact Katie to discuss any applications, the deadline for this funding submission has just closed, but Katie is open to extending it if DERI colleagues are interested. The form can be viewed at Pump Priming Fund Application Form .



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