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Call for Supervisors: STRIDE Programme

The Queen Mary University of London call for Summer Training Research Initiative to support Diversity and Equality (STRIDE) is now open!


The purpose of this programme is to support students from under-represented groups to gain research experience with financial support for the activity. This is part of Queen Mary University of London's commitment to ‘Open the Doors of Opportunity’ and is designed to give funded research experience opportunities to undergraduate students to help them to consider further study at postgraduate level and a career in research.  

This programme is a summer research studentship, not a job/internship opportunity. It is open to UK fee paying undergraduate students who identify as Black Asian and Minority Ethnic or Gypsy/Traveller.  

These summer studentships are open to undergraduate students registered at Queen Mary from all faculties who are UK fee paying students from underrepresented groups, such as those who self-identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic  or Gypsy/Traveller. These studentships are designed as part of a suite of positive actions taken by Queen Mary to support underrepresented and marginalised groups in our research community and to support our endeavours as an institution to become the most inclusive University of our kind. This programme aligns with Queen Mary's core strategic value of Inclusivity, continuing our institutional tradition of supporting talented students regardless of their background.     

The 2024 programme will run for 8 weeks from Monday 10th June to Friday 2nd August. The training programme will cover:
•    Research Integrity
•    Communicating Research
•    Career Development & Career Planning
•    Networking
•    Research Collaboration 

For 2024, the Doctoral College is offering 30 spaces (10 per faculty) for students to participate in the programme. During the 8-week STRIDE programme students will:

•    participate in an 8-week research project with a supervisor in their chosen discipline;  
•    undertake an 8 week training and development programme alongside their research;  
•    receive a studentship of £500/week , funded by the Doctoral College     

The Doctoral College invites applications for projects from supervisors for the 2024 programme.

To apply please submit:

1. A project statement outlining the research goals (feasible within the 8 week time frame) and outcomes for the  student’s research experience.  (250 words max)
2. A training mentorship statement detailing the support available to the student in your research area/group whilst they are undertaking your project (250 words max). The statement should include the following:

•  Description of the research environment in which the student and supervisor will be working.  Confirmation that the student will be participating in an active research area and be surrounded by other researchers (for example PGRs and ECRs) <can be in the department> 
•  Make reference to any additional work you will undertake to support the student. 
•  Supervisors will have access to up to £500 in research consumables for a selected project, your application form will request you detail how this will be spent.    
•  Please note it is possible for Postdoctoral Researchers to apply for these research initiative studentships, but this requires sign off from their PIs. 

Process: Once we receive your project proposal, the Doctoral College will run a call for applicants to projects. The Doctoral College and a panel of selectors will then work with supervisors to select the best  student for each project to ensure that opportunities are made as clear to all students as possible.   

Please submit your project proposal via this form.

Selection process:  Student applications will be first assessed to ensure they meet eligibility criteria, then supervisors will be supported to select a student to participate in their project. The student application process will take place between 8th and 22nd March, with students receiving confirmation of their place on or before 19th April 2024.   

To see previous projects and for any queries, please check our website. The call for supervisors is open between 15th and 28th February 2024.



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