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Doctoral College

A colaboradora, a workshop commons: inaugural research practice series hosted by Performance @King’s

26th-29th July 2021 Convening daily from 5-7pm with Performance@ pop-up art throughout the week All events will take place online.

To express interest please write to Kélina Gotman and Penny Newell 

Valerie Ebuwa photo by Henry Gorse

photo credit: Henry Gorse

The global pandemic has felt like a moment of suspense, a temporal torque in world-time where concerns for personal health and financial-state recovery have met reflection, remorse, grief and loss, and a deeply reflective sense of movement into the unknown. In line with this sense of cultural suspension, this talking point series is framed as a set of workshops where PhD students can gather, learn about and put into practice collaboration-based methodologies of transformation and knowledge-sharing. The series draws its methodology from a colaboradora: a community and arts-based practice pioneered by Instituto Procomum in Santos, Brazil. We will offer PhD students the chance to shape their own collaborative grouping within the Performance@ assemblage, experimenting with digital modes of commons inception where relevant. Facilitators are international and interdisciplinary practitioners and scholars, reflecting the moment of suspense across timely themes of care, embodiment, stillness, medicine, public and private health/space and decolonization. The state-of-the-art National Gallery X partnership allows for a cutting-edge experimentation with digitality and care. 

For more information please see the event flyer [PDF 228KB]



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