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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Eleanor Staples

Lecturer, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol, United Kingdom



I am interested in 'intrusive' forms of state interventions into the lives of children, young people and families, particularly the imprisonment of children, mothers, and the removal of children into state care. I am interested in the ways policy and legal discourses construct justifications for these interventions as well as the way they are experienced by children and families, and the concurrent processes of marginalisation, punishment, and exclusion which both precipitate and result from these interventions. I use qualitative, creative and visual methods to generate data with participants and have a particular expertise in developing 'material' methods such as using miniature sandboxes. I have completed research projects with children and young people adopted, in care and in need, criminalised mothers and their children and young people who have left care.



Creative methods, children in care, criminalised women and children, policy analysis
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