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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Helen Stalford


Professor of Law, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom



Expertise in children's access to and experiences of justice, particularly in the context of migration and asylum and the post Brexit landscape. Specialises in empirical methods and is committed to working with a range of stakeholders to enable children to enforce their rights.



Stalford, H., & Hollingsworth, K. (2021). “This case is about you and your future”: Towards Judgments for Children. The Modern Law Review.

Stalford, H. (2019). The price is rights!: Cost benefit analysis and the resourcing of children's services. Children and Youth Services Review, 99, 395-407

Stalford, H. E. (2018). David and Goliath: Due Weight, the State and Determining Unaccompanied Children’s Fate. Journal of Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Law., 32(3), 258-28

Stalford, H. E., Hollingsworth, K., & Gilmore, S. (Eds.) (2017). Rewriting Children’s Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice. Oxford: Hart.

Stalford, H., Cairns, L., & Marshall, J. (2017). Achieving Child Friendly Justice through Child Friendly Methods: Let's Start with the Right to Information. SOCIAL INCLUSION, 5(3), 207-218

Stalford, H., & Woodhouse, S. (2016). Rights realised or Rights defeated?: Responses to Family Migration in the UK. In J. Eekelaar (Ed.), Family Law in Britain and America in the New Century Essays in Honor of Sanford N. Katz (pp. 265-286)

Stalford, H. Children and the European Union - Rights, Welfare and Accountability (Oxford, Hart).


UK immigration and asylum law and children's rights; EU law/Brexit and children's rights; access to justice and children's participation in decision-making; qualitative methods, especially with vulnerable groups.
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