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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Jo Staines


Associate Professor, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol, United Kingdom



Dr Jo Staines is a senior lecturer in youth justice and childhood studies, and was previously Director of the BSc Childhood Studies at the University of Bristol. Her primary research interest is the interface between the youth justice and care systems, particularly understanding the over-representation of care-experienced children in the youth justice system. More broadly her research includes alternatives to custody, such as remand foster care and restorative justice interventions; adolescent foster care; and the criminalisation of children and childhood.



Aghtaie N and Staines J (2022) Child Execution in Iran: Furthering our Understanding of Child Execution as a form of Structural Violence, Critical Criminology,

Staines J, Aghtaie N and Roy J (2021) Gendered justice: inequalities in the minimum age of criminal responsibility in Iran, Youth Justice,

Staines J and Selwyn J (2020) 'I wish someone would explain why I am in care': the impact of children and young people's lack of understanding of why they are in out-of-home care on their well-being and felt security, Child and Family Social Work,

Fitzpatrick C, Hunter K, Staines J and Shaw J (2019) Exploring the Pathways between Care and Custody for Girls and Women: A Literature Review - download:

Staines J (2017) "Looked after children and youth justice: a response to recent reviews", Safer Communities, Vol 16, Issue 3, doi: 10.1108/SC-01-2017-0005 

Staines J (2015), Youth Justice, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 153, ISBN 978 1 137 33934 8


Jo's expertise includes youth justice and the rights of children involved in youth justice systems; children in care and the impact of care-experience on offending behaviour.
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