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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Morten Skovdal


Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark



Morten is a community health psychologist doing research with marginalised children and young people, both to challenge dominant narratives, and to attune policies and interventions to their lived realities. Much of his work has been conducted in the context of global challenges, such as HIV, climate change, and migration.



Skovdal, M., Lysemose Clausen, C., Mandizvidza, P., Dzamatira, F., Maswera, R., Nyamwanza, R., Nyamukapa, C., Thomas, R., & Gregson, S. (2022). How gender norms and ‘good girl’ notions prevent adolescent girls and young women from engaging with PrEP: Qualitative insights from Zimbabwe. BMC Women's Health, 22, [344].

Skovdal, M., Benwell, MC. (2021) Young People’s Everyday Climate Crisis Activism: New Terrains for Research, Analysis and Action. Children’s Geographies. 19(3):259-266 Skovdal, M., Cornish, F. (2015) “Qualitative research for development: A guide for practitioners” Practical Action Publishing: Warwickshire.

Skovdal, M., Campbell, C. (2015) ‘Beyond Education: What Role Can Schools Play in the Support and Protection of Children in Extreme Settings?’ International Journal of Educational Development. 41: 175-183

Skovdal, M., Onyango, V., Campbell, C. (2013) “Supporting ‘young carers’ in Kenya: from policy paralysis to action” Child Care in Practice 19(4):318-339


Childhood and youth in the Global South; global challenges; gender; schools as nodes of support; community action; eastern and southern Africa.
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