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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Bernadette Saunders


Associate Professor and Head, Social Work, Victoria University, Australia



Bernadette has spent much of her academic career of 20+ years enthusiastically engaging in research, teaching, and social justice advocacy - predominantly in relation to children’s human rights, well-being, and protection from maltreatment. Her PhD and two subsequent books relate to the corporal punishment of children, and the intergenerational transmission of family violence. The role and impact of the media, language, and literature in entrenching or changing unconstructive attitudes and behaviours are also a focus of her research and publications. Lived experiences of multiple challenges, disadvantages and injustices, and ways of addressing these issues and concerns, have captivated her attention and research output over many years. Funded research projects have focussed upon several areas, including the interface between the criminal justice system, the welfare system, and people living with addictions to drugs and alcohol, experiencing family violence, and living with acquired brain injuries, as well as the experiences of Indigenous children and young people involved in child protection systems. Desirable law reform and policy changes, together with attitudinal and behavioural changes, have been notable outcomes of her research findings.



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Children's rights; physical punishment, parental discipline of children, and lawful correction; acquired brain injury/neuro-disability in youth and adults and interaction with the criminal justice system; the power of law, language and culture as contributors to diminished social status and injustices; Indigenous children and out-of-home care.
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