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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Rituraj Sharma


Assistant Professor of Sociology (Visiting Faculty), University of Delhi, India



Trained in Education and Sociology, currently Dr. Rituraj Sharma is engaged as Assistant Professor of Sociology at the publUniversity of Delhi, India. Through her ethnographic research she has explored children's play preferences, meanings of play and work, their growing up experiences in the city. Previously, she has explored the phenomenon of playschools and its popularity among the urban middle class. She has contributed in developing the following undergraduate courses at the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi: Reading Ethnographies; Visual Culture; Sociology of Care; Gender, Rights and Law; and Research Ethics. She has worked in the research projects funded by LEGO, Sesame Workshop India, Centre For Advocacy and Research, UNICEF and NUS.



Sharma, R. (2023). Mitigating the Risks and Vulnerabilities
During COVID‑19 Pandemic: Emerging Solidarities With-in the Migrant Neighbourhood of Delhi, India. Horizons of Educations, 22(64), 31‑40.


Research Methodology and Methods (Qualitative), Sociology of Childhood, Childhood Studies, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Play (and Sports), Gender Studies (Child-care and Parenting), Sociology of Education
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