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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Ms Mona Lock Skålevik


Independent researcher, Norway



As a social anthropologist I have focused on children's rights in a social, cultural, and communal context. I have spent time in Cambodia looking at volunteer tourism, and more recently in Jerusalem where I have researched both IDF and Jerusalem Police in relation to childhoods in the Israel/Palestine context. I am now based in Trondheim, Norway where I will write a second masters thesis in Childhood Studies.



Ursin, M., & Skålevik, M. L. (2018). Volunteer Tourism in Cambodian Residential Care Facilities—A Child Rights-based Approach, The International Journal of Children's Rights, 26(4), 808-836. doi: 


Volunteer Tourism, Israel, Palestine, juvenile detention, childhoods in armed conflict.
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