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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Katherine Mycock


Impact Officer and Researcher at the University of Derby, United Kingdom



I began my career as a teacher of geography with a particular love of doing fieldwork and outdoor learning with young people. I returned to Higher Education to follow my passion for outdoor learning and completed a PhD exploring how children learn about nature through Participatory Research Methods and Ethnography. Since completing my PhD I have worked in professional services and postdoctoral roles, and I continue to do research with children, young people and educational practitioners. Recently, I have been a member of a team who evaluated the introduction of the Action and Inclusion Model to pre-schools in Ireland and a pilot creative mentoring programme run by a Local Authority.



Mycock, K. and Gowers, S. (forthcoming). Eliciting Looked After Children’s views and relationships through card-based Participatory Research Methods, Journal of Participatory Research: Special edition Youth participatory methods.

Mycock, K., 2020. Forest schools: moving towards an alternative pedagogical response to the Anthropocene? Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 41(3), pp.427-440.

Mycock, K., 2019. Playing with mud-becoming stuck, becoming free?…The negotiation of gendered/class identities when learning outdoors. Children's Geographies, 17(4), pp.454-466.


Participatory Research Methods, Outdoor Learning, Evaluation.
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