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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Ms Natasha Kravchuk


Senior research fellow, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia



Worked for major russian human rights organizations Moscow Helsinki Group and the “Memorial” Human Rights Centre, and for the European Roma Rights Centre (Budapest, Hungary), was involved in a large variety of activities including drafting reports on human rights situation in Russia both for Russian audience and for the UN human rights monitoring bodies, and communications to the European Court of Human Rights and the UN special procedures. Conducted trainings on ECHR and UN human rights protection system in Russia, Europe and Central Asia. Has around 80 academic publications including human rights reports and articles in Russian and international journals. Takes part in a programme of continuous education of judges in Russian State University of Justice. Acts as a consultant for various Council of Europe activities including trainings, seminars, development of e-learning curricular etc.



Familienrecht Russlands: Triumph der „traditionellen Werte ” // Osteuropa recht. ‒ 2021. ‒ N4. ‒ P. 464‒ 483. (In German)

Artificial intelligence in adjudication of cases by the court: perspectives and limits of use // Law, digital technologies and artificial intelligence: compilation of articles / Е.V. Alferova ed. М.: RAN. INION. 2021. ‒ P. 159-170. (In Russian)

Ensuring the right of the child to express views in court’s proceedings: international human rights protection bodies perspective// Rossiyskoye pravosudiye. 2021. № 7. P. 45-50. (In Russian)

Privacy as a new component of “the best interests of the child” in the new digital environment// The International Journal of Children's Rights. 2021. Vol.29, N 1. P. 99-121. (In English)

«Who are these people and what do they need?» Guarantees of welfare of future generarions in economic constitution ‒ setting of a problem// Economic constitution of digital age: Yearbook. 2021. Iss. 1. М.: RAN. INION. P. 139-159. (In Russian)

Hague convention on the international child abduction: protection of a child’s interests or negligence towards them?// Semeynoye i Zhilizhnoye Pravo. 2020. №6. P. 18-21. (In Russian)

“The best interests of the child” in international and Russian law: comparative study of doctrine and practice of application// Gosudarstvo i Pravo. 2020. № 2. P. 107 ‒ 116. (In Russian) 


Rights of the child, international human rights law, international mechanisms of HR protection
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